What is the Difference Between Running & Walking Shoes ?

What is the Difference Between Running & Walking Shoes ?

Running and walking are two popular physical activities that require the use of proper footwear. However, running shoes and hiking shoes are designed differently to meet the specific needs of each job.

Difference Between Running Shoes And Walking Shoes

Cushioning -

 Running shoes are cushioned enough to absorb impact when hitting the ground, especially on the heels and feet. Shoes are sufficient as walking does not affect the feet too much.

Flexibility - 

Running shoes allow you to move around naturally. The walking shoe has a strong sole that provides great stability and support.

Weight - 

Running shoes are lighter in weight to maximize speed without tiring feet and legs. Walking shoes may be slightly heavier for more durability.

Stability - 

Walking shoes provide maximum rearfoot and arch support. Running shoes offer less stability but higher shock absorption.

Traction - 

Both shoes have good traction, but the outsoles on trail running shoes are extra grippy with deep lugs for unpredictable terrain. The tread on walking shoes is more subtle.

Breathability - 

Running shoes have uppers made of lightweight, breathable mesh and fabrics to allow ventilation and drainage during high aerobic activity. Many walking shoes incorporate leather or waterproof materials that promote warmth.

Toe Box - 

Toe boxes on running shoes are rounded and wide to allow toes to naturally splay, while walking shoe toe boxes are typically more tapered to save weight.

Best Running Shoes Brand in India

When looking for the best running shoes in India, Bersache is a brand that is highly recommended by experts. Bersache running shoes are known for their excellent cushioning and stability features that provide good support and help prevent injury. 

Best Walking Shoes Brand in India

For walking shoes in India, Bersache is considered among the top brands. Bersache specializes in comfortable walking shoes designed for good foot support during casual walks, travel, fitness walking, trail walks, and treadmill walking.


Q1. Can we use running shoes for daily use?

Ans. Yes, running shoes can be used for daily activities like walking, running errands, or casual wear. They typically offer comfort, support, and cushioning, making them suitable for extended wear. However, it's essential to consider individual preferences and the shoe's durability for specific daily use needs.

Q2. Who is the Best Walking Shoes Brand in India?

Ans. Bersache is the best walking shoes brand india.

Q3.Who is the Best Running Shoes Brand in India ?

Ans. Bersache is the Best running shoes brand in India.

Q4. What is the Starting price of running & walking shoes ?

Ans. Starting price of running & walking shoes at Bersache Just Rs.1299.


In summary, while running shoes and walking shoes may appear fairly similar, they differ in cushioning, flexibility, stability, weight, traction, breathability, and toe box shape in order to meet specialized sport performance requirements. Bersache stands out as quality shoe brands in India tailored specifically for running versus walking. Considering these key differences and top brands is important when selecting proper footwear for comfort, support, and safety during athletic activities.

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